Spread Betting New Account Offer from IG Index

If you open your account by 31st Jan 2013 and trade within first 14 days.

IG will double your profits on 5 trades by up to £1000

Friends and Traders who trade in UK spread betting and wish to open accounts with IG Index there is a special offer running for a short time. If you open your account before 31st Jan 2013 and trade within first 14 days, they will double the profit on your first 5 trades up to £1,000. If you are interested please open the account via this link and use the following promotional code


If you need additional promotional codes, please let me know via comments or other social media

  • I have an account with IG Index. I also have accounts with other brokers and providers.
  • I am not getting paid in cash or kind for this post and promotion. I am doing it at my own volition when my account manager provided the promotional codes to me for my friends.
  • I am quite satisfied with services provided by IG Index BUT I strongly recommend each trader do their own due diligence and request necessary information and terms and conditions from the company for the offer concerned and overall trading account. I am happy to connect them to my account manager if they need any information. The contract would be between YOU and IG Index and would have nothing to do with me.
  • I am not responsible for any profit or loss, direct or indirect, consequential or otherwise resulting from any trading activity undertaken as a result of this suggestion nor am I responsible for any disputes which may arise as a result of this offer between You and IG Index.