HOME WORKS (November 2010)

General Markets

October was relatively better month for Homework book even though markets chopped around; providing above average and above median returns and another positive return making it 17th green month in a row for the homework book. Current median return on assumed 2 contract lot basis is $2,525 and current mean return on assumed 2 contract lot basis is $4,426. Click here for HW Trades result on 2 contract lot basis so far.***

I have added a page for FAQ on the blog page as well as a page for HW book trades. Please comment if there are any questions you might have. Also provide suggestions for any other improvements to the blog.

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Happy trading.


*** for the sake of disclosure, this performance is calculated on 2 lot basis trading my Homework and should not be used as a reflection of my trading OR my account size/position size. I take all my Homework trades but in position size consistent with my risk capital.

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