The Trade Plan Page

A collection of various trade plans and approaches

As suggested by Dee here is the page to record various trade plans/strategies and approaches. A good trade plan should address the key points about

  • Entry and position building if applicable
  • Exit
  • Stop Loss & Money Management

The plans can be posted as comments, and further comments can be added as replies to those comments. As usual, the handy shortcut is on the right hand side box.

So here we go!



General Markets

The new homework page is here. The links have been updated on the site. Please remember to post your comments on this page. Also please remember to subscribe to comments via email on this page if you have been a passive follower. You can also subscribe to all comments on the site by adding http://feeds.feedburner.com/vs-trader-comments RSS feed to your favourite reader like Google reader.

March was also a sloppy month overall  with well below average and below median return but a green month nevertheless for the homework book making it 10th green month in a row. Click here for HW Trades result so far. I had some good trend/long term trades in March but found the daily market bit choppy and unfruitful. Let us see what Q2 brings.

Happy trading.