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Traders, I hope every one had a good and relaxing vacation. Some of you are still enjoying the sun and we eagerly look forward to your return! The chat room is bit quiet in summer.

The home work page for August is here. As mentioned earlier, this page is now integrated with DISQUS – a great new ways to manage your comments. Few advantages of DISQUS integration are:

  • You can rate the comment
  • You can reply to comment in a threaded structure
  • You can submit your comments via email instead of coming to this page or site (though this should not discourage you from visiting this blog I hope).
  • You can link your home work comment to your twitter account to “tweet” it to the world.
  • You can also connect via your facebook ID if you wish.

There are lot more features which I have not explored in full. Please let me know your comments and suggestions to improve the way we collaborate on home work.

As usual, please click on “comments” to add your home work or read other comments. The “post your home work” link is updated to take you to August 2009 page now.

I had a wonderful time doing and following home work and it has really helped my analysis skills. I have been posting my home work trades results online. The account was positive for the month of July as well!

Looking forward to working and sharing with you and continuing this process we have started!

Happy trading.




Books, Videos, Sites etc.

As requested by Dee here is a page where reviews and suggestions can be put for readers to review. So please keep this page as bookmark.

The format is same as home work page. Reader can put a suggested books/link as comment to this page. Now that we have DISQUS, the comments on a particular review item can be put in the form of threaded structure keeping all relevant comments under one thread. New thread can be opened by simply creating a new comment.

Happy trading!


DISQUS integration

Dear Friends,

I have heard and seen a lot about DISQUS as provider of comment aggregators and discussion manager and so I decided to integrate this blog with disqus.

For future posts you will have option to put your comment via the blog page or via the community page on http://vs-trader.disqus.com/ . We can have comments in thread forms as well as subcribe via email. Integration with facebook and twitter is also possible though I have not explored that aspect.

Please try out putting comments on this page and on the community page and note your expriences. This way we will be ready when the next home work page comes up in August 2009.

Happy Trading,