HOME WORKS (March 2010)

General Markets

I was away for most of the good part of February and then it turned out to be a tough and tiring month to trade. I am still carrying the analysis that the markets appears to be on some critical point and we may witness some sharp moves in near future.

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February was  a sloppy month overall  with well below average and below median return but a green month nevertheless for the homework book making it 9th green month in a row. Click here for HW Trades result so far. I hope to be able to do some focused trading next month. Really enjoying the homework experiment. Good to note that many traders are now finding confidence in their own homework.

Happy trading.



Spring time look at various markets

General Markets/Longer Term perspective


Rice (ZRk10)

Rice is an illiquid market in grains sector and runs on its own mind usually. Recently rice was breaking new highs but it was soon followed by a sharp correction. The current correction is appears to be in some sort of final stage but there is still some bearishness left in the chart which can be traded. The current chart is turned back down from the resistance zone (which provided some support on the upside). 89 dEMA has also provided resistance and a bear flag has formed which provides a projection of 13.00-12.90 upon down side breakout. Breach of the resistance zone will negate this analysis. Also interesting to note is that the downside projection will establish a head and shoulder pattern on the longer term chart and it would create the next set of interesting development in this market.