HW Trades

I have started recording here the "hypothetical" results based on up to 4 future lots per trade based account. This is not an actual reflection of my trading. Please see the notes below.

I take up to 4 lots based upon on trade plan. Comment and Exit Reason column describe the reasoning behind the trade entry/exit. They are recorded as HW1-4 in comments. Intra day set-up driven trades are recorded as ID1-4 Some days it is not possible to get fill on all 4 levels. I record the hard stop level as well when the trade is entered. However the stop level is updated as the trade progresses (always moved in the direction of the trade  never against it) so the stop level you might see would be the current stop instead of original stop. Exit reasons are 50% (usually with moving stops to break even on remaining position), TLST for trailing stops, MST for mental stop i.e. a crossing a mental line in sand, ST for hard stop, PO for reaching profit objective. On a good day some positions would be left as RUNner otherwise most positions are close by end of the day. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask via comments or other social media.

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