Blog Redesign

New look blog!

Result of accident !

I had to make changes to my blog template. I was playing around with some set-up on a lazy Sunday and inadvertently managed to make some changes which made the existing blog out of shape. I tried to restore back up templates, tried to edit the HTML/XML templates and many other technological tricks but to no avail. In the end I decided to slap a brand new template "Dynamic Views" and re-done some of my customisation.

However I am sure, I will discover some missing links/features as days progress. If you were a reader of the blog, please have a look and comment if any of the features you used earlier are not working and I will do my best to restore them, if I can.

Also while you are at it, please comment on the new look if it is any better. I am assuming the new template is better suited for mobile devices.

Many thanks for visiting.



  1. First thing I note is that the disqus comment box is gone. Now let me see if that is a good thing or bad :-). I will see if I really miss disqus comments in comings days. One good feature of disqus was the ability to tweet comment but I guess that can be managed somehow. Lets see.

  2. Damn - it seems the "Read More" link also does not work :-(


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