$AAPL : What are you doing with your $AAPL holding

With the stock down 35% from top what are "real people" doing?

Buy, Hold, Sell, Short?

It is no secret yesterday's price down in AAPL was dramatic. Very high volume traded and the stock dropped nearly $63, largest absolute drop (in % terms there have been bigger drops in past) in a single day. Market cap equivalent to many NFLX, RIMM, even some countries GDP was wiped out.

But so far, it seems the pain is felt by over leveraged, momentum chasers, hedge funds type OR computers churning stock from one register to another. I am interested in knowing what are real people doing? People like you and me. 

I am sure you would have stories to say. When you bought AAPL? What was the lowest price you paid? Are you still holding that?

I am sure for many of us AAPL is not just a share or investment but something to be part of history. You might have memories or associations with your purchase OR you might have interesting episodes to share.

On my part, I was never part of AAPL bull run. I am not good at stocks trading and for investment purposes my portfolio ends up around UK companies which are profitable and pay dividends or corporate/govt bonds.  Nothing exciting there. I do not even look at my investment account for 6 - 8 months sometimes. 

On trading perspective I have been short AAPL for sometime. Mentioned on certain posts on my blog or on my facebook page

But yesterday I bought my first ever AAPL share. Just one share. As a memento for yesterday. I am not saying this will mark the bottom in AAPL but I am planning to hold this share as long as my account or AAPL survive (whichever comes earlier). 

What is your story. Please comment on the blog or facebook or twitter/stocktwits.

Looking forward to hearing from my friends.