$ES_F : 1527-1538 : Expected Day Session Range for EMINI

More pain for bears. $DJI is likely to hit its all time high today.

Bulls in control of the market.

When I was leaving on my travels last week it was looking as if bears are showing their claws again but the joy did not last for more than couple of sessions. The markets have come back to hunt for up-side and crushing any shorts which may exist in its way. Russell 2000 has made all time high, DowJones is going to make it today it seems. The news papers would be full of this in coming days. SPX is not far behind and very likely it will make new highs as well before this tide turns.

I would expect 1527 area as support today leading to a move up to 1538-1540. I am still getting back in the routine of trading after my travel so this is a short post.

In my hypothetical stock portfolio I am looking to cover 50% of AAPL short and move stop to break even.