$BCOIN : My experiments with Bit Coin

They say this is one currency no government can control.

What it is, how it is used and why you should care. 

The recent crisis in Cyprus where the banks have not opened for this week and there is a growing fear that "if and when" they open, there will be a bank run there is a lot of talk in blog-sphere about getting your freedom from Govt. controlled currencies and in that aspect BitCoin is one such currency which grabs your attention. I wanted to write a detailed post but thank to +Geoff Taylor's comment on my facebook post I got this excellent link for "all you want to know about bit coin". After this there is not much point in repeating what is already said and instead I created this post to note my experiments with $BCOIN - a new entrant in the forex market. 

So, as a start I got my BitCoin wallet. At the time of writing the bit coins are trading BTCUSD 73.0000

I am yet to open accounts with exchanges and may be buy my first bit coin. However if anyone is feeling generous, please feel free to make a donation to 1PAFHcY7CnuwM2KFW6DAo845XQz51gmBdN

I will keep updating the comments on this post to add more of my experience with BitCoin.