My Hypothetical Stocks Portfolio

Tracking performance of my views on various popular stocks.

I do not trade stock in general and instead I prefer bigger markets like S&P 500 index future, Treasury Bonds futures or foreign exchange which suits better to my macro driven approach to trading. However it is no secret that majority of investing and trading population discusses, trades and loves to talk about stocks. Some stocks tend to build up enough following so as to behave like a macro indicator for general market. My interest in trading stocks began after I started following and shorting AAPL. More than the trade I enjoyed the resulting discussions with my friends and colleagues in investment and trading circle. Hence I thought about creating a collection of my current views on various stocks and also keep a track of those views. Just for a light hearted investment track record.

Please provide your comments and discussions. Also if you wish you discuss a particular stock please mention in the comments and who knows, I might take a hypothetical position in that :-)

My Hypothetical Stock Portfolio Table

You can see the Google Doc spread sheet here 

Some notes about the portfolio above:
  • Positions are taken on $1000 notional investment rounded to nearest 1 share. 
  • At most 2 positions are taken i.e. maximum investment of $2,000 per stock.
  • Minimum position is 1 share.
  • P&L includes the dividend received if any during the holding period.
  • Many of the positions above have related posts on my blog. You can find the link for those posts in the notes section of the Google doc spreadsheet using the view only link provided.
  • For the initial positions I do not have exact entry date. I have started with 10th Feb 2013 for those. 

  • I may or may not have positions in the stocks I mentioned in this hypothetical portfolio. Even if I have positions, the size may or may not be same as that in table above. I might even have opposite position to the one mentioned above. The table above is not a reflection of my trading or my trading performance. I am writing these for the sake of discussions and not for boasting my returns. For all practical purposes this portfolio should be considered for educational and discussion purposes. This is not an invitation to buy, sell or trade the securities mentioned above.
  • The stocks mentioned above are taken for "swing trade" or even longer term investment basis and not suitable for day trading.
  • I use my own methods to come out with price targets which includes a mix of technical and fundamental analysis. Like any investment methodology, these are not fail safe and more often than not they fail than deliver safe results.