After the earthquake

After the nuclear plant explosions, as a sharp expected reaction, prices of Uranium have dropped drastically - looks like Uranium is becoming too hot to handle commodity. That can mean so many things - for many "politically correct" govts, it could mean putting new plant construction to back burner. Putting pressure on companies and supply chain of nuclear industry and possibly forcing some "on the fence" guys to break rank and deal with "rogue" govts like Iran who can get the fuel and technology on the cheap.
Meanwhile the energy needs dont seem to be going down anytime soon and thereby more "clean coal" and "gas" based power until the global warming/climate change issue heats up some other debate.
Stocks markets world over have gone into risk off mode and many expectation of interest rate rise in Europe and UK have been pushed back. Commodities have corrected sharply down.This could be the event which can induce the trend change.