What the f*** is BTFD?

I have no internet today. Trying to get along on iPad with mobile network. May be this is good for both $AAPL and $FTE (France Telecom) both of which I have bought.

Since I am forced to spend too much time on twitter, I came across once again and again and again the term BTFD. What does it mean? May be I am missing out on some special technical indicator.

So I decided to solve the riddle and throwing all my procrastination aside, I googled the term.

BTFD - Buy The F***ing Dip.

Is that it? The secret sauce? The holy grail? The bushy fountain? (ok let me stop here). No wonder I was on wrong side of this whole bull market :-)

BTFD - that's all you want.

BTFD - that's what we all must do.

More details here

I am off to BTFD.

Meanwhile enjoy a sample of my new art on iPad.