HOME WORKS (January 2010)

General Markets

2000-2009 – Oh! what a decade it was and the 10 years which changed so many things but if you see the equities market from January 2000 – December 2009, we have not made any progress as the crow flies. So are the equities dead? Can we say that the thrill is gone from buy and hold? Who knows. We will look at it one day at a time on these home work pages.

The new homework page is here. The links have been updated on the site. Please remember to post your comments on this page. Also please remember to subscribe to comments via email on this page if you have been a passive follower. You can also subscribe to all comments on the site by adding http://feeds.feedburner.com/vs-trader-comments RSS feed to your favourite reader like Google reader.

December was a good month overall  with above median return and another green month for the homework book making it 7th green month in a row. Click here for HW Trades result so far. I look forward to this process to improve our trading performance and to teach us the discipline of planned emotion free trading.

Happy trading and welcome 2010 – bring it on!