HOME WORKS (September 2009)

General Markets

Come September, here we are again. The summer is over – at least the vacation. The last bank holiday in England is drawing to a close and next one is far far away in cold winters. Markets are rife with excitement about returning herd of holiday makers and possibilities of better volume trading days. Also there is talk abound of sustainability of the recent rallies witnessed practically unbroken since March 2009 and there are bound to be some nervous bulls and eager bear causing havoc.

Traders, I hope every one had a good and relaxing vacation. Some of you are still enjoying the sun and we eagerly look forward to your return!

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As usual, please click on “comments” to add your home work or read other comments. The “post your home work” link is updated to take you to this page now.

Looking forward to working and sharing with you and continuing this process we have started!

Happy trading.